A Guide to Find and Lay Artifical Turf

It is not easy to get an attractive lawn. A healthy lawn not only has visual appeal but it is safe for children to play on and is good for the environment.

Many people are looking to replace their lawn with artifical turf. There are a number of things that must be taken into consideration before laying this turf. It is important to select the right turf for your lifestyle and needs. Once you have found the right turf you need to prepare the lawn for installation.

The type of turf that is best for your yard will depend on the condition of your area and the intended use you have for the turf.

People that have children or pets should find a turf that can stand up to heavy traffic. If you are looking to have the best looking yard on the block then you should look for more decorate turf that needs less care. Be sure to speak to the supplier before making a purchase. Any reputable company will be able to help you select the right turf for your needs.

You should also consider the amount of turf you are going to need for your yard. Renowned Turf Supplier Rolawn has a calculator on their website that will help with this. This will give you a free estimate of how much turf is going to be needed.

You will need to have you your lawn prepared for the arrival of the turf. It will need to be rolled out right away. In the summer months this is very important. In the winter it must be laid out in a 24 hour time period. This will make sure the turf looks its bet.

If your natural soil is not that great then you may want to raise the level of the area where you plan on installing the turf. You may want to put down a sandy loam top soil before the turf. The ground needs to be both flat and even. Be sure to water the soil that is laid down two days prior to laying down the turf.

Be sure to make arrangements so that the installation of the turf is easy and seamless. Many companies offer a tail lift van that can be used to unload the turf. Be sure there is plenty of room for them including parking so that the turf can be unloaded without any issues.


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