An Easy Way To Get Murrieta Appliance Repair Leads

If you know about seo or have done seo for your business the odds of it actually working to where you don’t know what to do with all your leads is very unlikely. The odds that you get leads here and there but wish it could be better is more realistic. For the very unfortunate it was a complete rip off and you don’t ever want to hear the words appliance repair internet marketing. If you are a appliance repair company looking for a cost effective way to get appliance repair leads then read on.

The idea we had was to take all the good things about SEO and use it to acquire leads. We wanted to design a advertising program where you only pay for what you get. So our plan was to do all the internet marketing work for free and our clients only have to pay when they actually get a phone call. If you are familiar with pay per lead services here is how we are different. First our tracking system will only bill for an actual appliance lead. You will not be billed for people looking for parts or telemarketer calls. You also wont be billed for any calls under 60 seconds. Another great thing is all these leads only go to one small business, there is no sharing leads.

Here is how this works so you can start getting more sales today. Once we collect the setup fee we create you a landing page like Murrieta Appliance Repair. We do all the work that you would normally pay a marketing company for free. After about 1-2 months you only pay when your phone rings.

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