How To Choose The Best Pergola Design For Your Garden

For Pergola builder Houston choices there are some few thing to take into consideration. This is because Pergolas have turned out to become more of a DIY project for US homes especially in Houston and why not? They are famous for creating a kind of ambient space for you to relax and take in the beauty nature has to offer all in your back yard.

How much can you spare?

Pergola contractor near me in Houston can charge from somewhere around $500-34000. So before you set out on this home improvement project, the first thing that you need to consider is your finances. How much can you spare? The phallic designs or your particular pergola design is dependent on the money you can spare for one. Consider your budget and always keep in mind that there can be two ways for it, either expensive or cost effective.Basically it’s all dependent on what you can spare.

What’s the Purpose?

Custom pergolas in Houston can be accessed to suit your unique purposes. Therefore it is up to you to first of all think about what is the purpose of your pergola? This kind of thinking is what you will use to get a vivid image of the space you need, the design you desire, shade, lighting, privacy all of these are entailed in what you purpose your pergola for. Bottom line is your pergola depends entirely on space and finance. Regardless of the kind of specifications you decide upon, make sure that it blends with your space and architectural design of your house or home to bring out that natural and beautiful atmosphere.

What are the Right Materials?

Custom pergolas can be made in a variety of materials which are crucial in determining the designs. Wood for example is the typical material used in building a pergola as it is widely available both the soft wood which is more economical and hardwood which is more costly the flip side with wood is that you will have to water proof it. This leads us to the next option stainless steel which unlike wood, you do not need to worry about waterproofing when you use a chemically treated one that prevents rusting. It is also quicker to install. Then there is aluminum consideration being that its alloy fairly light as well as ease of maintenance.


Last but not least for pergola Houston, given the way most homes are designed you may want to consider the size so as to maintain that spacious look to your backyard. Ensure that your walk your contractor through all your specifications be it for a round pergola, square, rectangular, name it cost and space consumed is the ultimate concern right after money.

Remember, a pergola is not only an attractive feature to add in your garden, but you also don’t need to spend a lot in order to be a proud owner of one.

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