Get A Written Quote Before Hiring Plumbers

Everyone fears being taken advantage of when hiring a plumber in Los Angeles. No one wants to pay more for the services rendered than is reasonable, but the fact is using a plumber is usually the result of an emergency situation. Even though you may be knee deep in water, it is still important to investigate the pricing practices of the plumber you will hire.

Many times people do not even ask for a price upfront, but just pay the bill when the plumber presents it after the work is done. This is not a consumer-savvy way to proceed, even when you are dealing with an urgent situation. You should not feel awkward when asking for for a written quote.

A reputable plumbing company will be happy to provide you with a quote. If the plumber you contact is unwilling or is really dragging his or her feet, you probably should be looking elsewhere. A scan through an old fashioned phone book or a search on the internet reveals that many plumbing contractors want your business. Use this fact to your advantage, and impress upon the plumber you contact that you will move along to another firm if a quote is not in the offing.

One of the most important reasons to get a written quote is to avoid charges sneaked in after the plumber has orally suggested a price. If the cost is codified into a written agreement, the plumber will need to get your approval to add on services and their associated costs. You also can refer to the written quote to make absolutely certain that all the costly processes and parts the plumber insisted were necessary have indeed been completed purchased, and installed. Once the job is done, have the plumber walk you through the repair so you can assure yourself you got all the tasks done that were promised and that no parts are left over and should have their price refunded to you.

The written quote also supports you if the repair or installation does not work out as intended. You can check the suggestions made and implemented against what this or another plumber is now saying must be done to resolve the situation. You can also show the quote and the work done to local inspectors if it appears the plumber in question was not using best practices. The threat of this can motivate a plumber to do the right thing and fix a problem or enhance a repair that is not offering the relief the plumber promised initially.

Remember that you are owed a service done properly when you contract with a plumber. Get it in writing for your peace of mind.




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