Houston Movers Share Packing Tips

When you are getting ready to move to a new location, packing can get pretty frustrating and hectic. There are ways to make your packing less stress-inducing and much more convenient. Pack it MOvers can provide you with special cartons to pack your possessions with. Here are some tips on how to specifically pack your books, clothing, and photographs.

When packing your books into a container, pack them spine-side down. The glue may not hold the other side. Books that are generally of the same size should be packed together. Books that are expensively bound or have a sort of special sentimental value to you should be individually wrapped before you pack them. Use small cartons because books tend to be heavy.

Clothing on hangers can be put in special cartons for wardrobe provided by movers. If you do not have, need, or want wardrobe cartons, then you can always pack your clothes in a suitcase lined with clean paper. When packing hats, either pack them in hatboxes or stuff and wrap them with tissue paper before putting them in a carton. Make sure you do not pack anything else with hats. Label that carton “fragile.” If you have any furs, then take them with you. They may not do too well in a van says owner of a Houston MOving company.

All family photos, videos, and the like must be packed separately from everything else. Protect your framed photos with padded cushioning and make sure you pack them on their sides. Don’t forget to label your cartons. If you have any irreplaceable photos, frames, or other items, then you should carry it with you to the destination. Like the fur, those items may not do too well in the van.

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