Increase the efficiency of your Dryer In Glendale CA

Increase the efficiency of your Dryer

There are some techniques by which you can increase the life of your dryer. One of them is to clean the lint before every use from the lint tray as this process can allow free airflow through the dryer. If you need professional help then call Appliance Repair Service Glendale CA.

Also, frequently try to clean the dryer lint trap with a long-handled brush as the brush can make the cleaning easy.  Begin by purchasing a long-handled brush if you do not have one yet. Because you don’t want to accidentally drop the long handled brush into your dryer. If you want to buy a new long brush for this purpose then you can find one from your local hardware or home improvement store which are nearby to your house.

Once again, the process is easy as you need to carefully remove the lint screen and, as always, dispose of any attached lint by cleaning it.  Next step to go-ahead is gently and without forcing it as you may break the attachment, push the brush into the lint trap then clean and collect lint from all of the nooks and also from crannies of the dryer lint trap area which is visible. To be on a safer side do not forget to switch off your machine before starting this process. You can always call a Washer & Dryer Repair Glendale.

When you are using a brush to clean than the big pieces will stick to the brush and come out of the dryer easily when you pull the brush back out as this process makes it easy to clean.  To remove the few leftover smaller pieces try to use the brush a couple of times, simply replace the lint screen once it is done & close the lint door and run the dryer as you can see that the air flow is better than before you have cleaned. The small bits of loosened lint which are still in the machine will go out of the house through the exhaust pipe in the process.

Make a note of these quick and easy steps a routine part of your dryer maintenance with cleaning & to improve the performance of your machine, save you money and keep your home safe with a little care & call Total Repair Service In Glendale for complete peace of mind.


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