The Advantages and Disadvantages of Synthetic Grass for Your Pet Moreno Valley, California

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Just like we give our loved ones the best, our pet also needs to be given the best of everything. And when it relates to how and where the pet play, it’s time to upgrade their play area to the highest standard possible a.k.a. Your lawn to a much more suitable play area for them. Get a synthetic grass. Yes, this to some people may seem too much yet trust me, when you have it installed, and you are playing with your pet on it, you’ll be happy that you read this article.

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Agree, installing synthetic grass in your lawn is a difficult decision to make when you consider all the factors that you need to consider such -cost, durability, maintenance, environmental impact and asking the question, will this be a good product for my pet? Before making a decision, consider first the advantages and disadvantages why synthetic grass will certainly be right for you and your pets.


It takes time to gets worn down- sometimes pets do get a little rowdy especially dogs and pets will sometimes try to eat part of your yard. But they will not fancy eating an artificial turf because it is plastic. Also, artificial turfs are not affected negatively by weather, for example during winter the grass does not become muddy in water and patchy during summer. Regardless of just how you see it, artificial turf will be in your lawn no matter the condition.

Providing comfort for your pet. Most pet owner wants the best for their pet and providing an artificial turf is giving your pet a taste of luxury. With artificial turf, your pet will certainly not just feel cozy playing on it, but it will also boost their activity level.

The cost Maintenance is low- after you install the artificial lawn, there is virtually absolutely nothing that you have to spend money on again. What you need to now is just play with your pet on it or just admires the beauty of your lawn. An artificial lawn does not require regular cutting, watering or fertilizer.

Very Durable- no matter how much your pet play on the turf, there will be no mark left on the surface because the turf is made from highly durable material and the turf is designed to withstand a high degree of stress without any damage.

It lasts for years- synthetic turf, no matter its purpose it uses for lasts for many years. You will surely get value for your money’s worth.


High Initial Cost could be very expensive – like discussed above, installing synthetic lawn primarily for your pet is a huge decision, and it is not a cheap decision to make. The initial price for getting setting up can be significant huge in one go so if you are a newlywed the price may be too much.

Installation Time- installing an artificial turf will take more than a day to complete and sometimes weeks before you can have a perfect job. Yes, some dealer can finish the installation in a day, but you will not have a good job. For a perfect synthetic turf to be installed correctly it take anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks and during this period your garden is useless and untidy.

Health Issues – The health hazard associated with an artificial turf is not only limited to your pet but also your children. Remember, it is made of plastic so it can get scorching during summer and very slippery if it rains which can result in more injury to your pet and children.

Although an artificial turf can look beautiful and add value to your house but sadly having an artificial turf is not for everyone. At Green Turf, we recommend that you talk it over with your family members before going ahead to buy because it is expensive and not all your family member may be favorably disposed to it.

In the long run, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to made decisions that are beneficial to not only their pet but to every member of their household.


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