Top 3 Mistakes Made by People Trying to Get a Medical Marijuana Card


Each year more and more states have been lobbying to cannabis reform on the ground that is highly beneficial for those with terminal illnesses. The only issue as of now is determining who is able to claim the need for a medical marijuana card, and if their illness warrants one being issued. Plus, many people have sought to clarify the prerequisites to obtaining this type of card. These issues need to be better understood so that individuals attempting to sign up for this card will know whether they qualify or not. There are three key mistakes that most people make when trying to apply for a medical marijuana card, and those are outlined below.

1) People don’t understand the state laws concerning marijuana

The sale, purchase, and possession of marijuana is still considered illegal. Each state has its own laws concerning marijuana, which means that those states have deemed it to be legal to purchase and possess marijuana. You must still follow the rules regarding the sale, purchase, and possession of marijuana however, as it is still considered a controlled substance and is therefore illegal to have in states that do not condone marijuana usage. When attempting to obtain a medical marijuana card a person will still need to follow the rules of the state and fill out the proper applications.

2) Many of those that desire to get a card simply don’t know how.

If you have no discernible illness there is a very good chance you will be denied based on the grounds that you do not truly need it. The medical marijuana industry is quite large and takes a great deal of effort on the part of the growers, business owners, and doctors that are constantly pushing to legalize marijuana across the board. Businesses such as King Kind Medical Marijuana would tend to suffer greatly if a regular smoker was to obtain a card and go bragging how they cheated the system.

3) Many people have no idea where to begin.

The key to obtaining this card is being able to meet the prerequisites. If you meet with a doctor and they find you have no discernible need for marijuana they will likely deny you a card. But if you do have this need all you need to do is search the web in order to find a long list of dispensaries and professional physicians that can handle your case. You might even find such services as medical marijuana delivery in San Diego, CA that will be able to bring your prescription right to your door. So long as you meet the requirements and know where to look the first part should be simple.


A medical marijuana card is not meant to be a license to purchase marijuana when you need a good high. By doing your research and looking online you should have no issue in finding out how to obtain your own medical marijuana card.



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